2022 Genesis GV60 Performance EV – Bottom Line Review

2022 Genesis GV60 Performance AWD EV: Sleek first direct to battery electric from prestige Korean brand = genuinely satisfying compact sportback. Price = just under $70k

GRAND VEHICLE BORN ELECTRIC – CHAPTER ONE: Predicting outcomes down the road can be a venture in educated guesses. Those best able to compete will hedge their bets on multiple visions of the future. For now the automotive industry is betting large on a battery electric zero tailpipe emissions. Yet sheer technological cost is driving fierce sprint to exhaust free driving at the luxury apex.

Ironically, far less internal combustion legacy than the competition oddly places the Genesis brand in a more optimal strategic position for transformation to an all battery electric lineup. With well received BEVs gestated by its volume subordinates [Hyunda Ioniq 5 / Kia EV6] the relative luxury Korean upstart now brings its first direct to electric model: the 2022 Genesis GV60 BEV.

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WHAT: 2022 Genesis GV60 Performance AWD plug-in battery electric compact crossover activity vehicle. This 5-door crossover sport activity vehicle shares its Electric Global Modular Platform (E-GMP) foundation with the Hyundai Ioniq 5 and Kia EV6.

2022 Genesis GV60 Performance AWD EV: small frunk above front synchronous AC motor drive unit which combines with the rear for 426 hp / 516 lb-ft

ELECTRIC MOTORS: 360V synchronous AC traction & reverse polarity regenerative charging motor

(STANDARD): AWD E-Motors x 2 (Net): 320 hp (239 kW) @3800 – 8000 rpm / 446 lb-ft @ 0-3600 rpm

E-Motor 1 (rear axle): 221 hp (165 kW), E-Motor 2 (front axle): 99 hp (74 kW)

(PERFORMANCE): AWD E-Motors x 2 (Net): 429 hp (320 kW) nominal* @3800 – 8000 rpm / 516 lb-ft @ 0-3600 rpm + electronic multi-clutch limited slip rear differential

E-Motor 1 (rear axle): 215 hp (160 kW), E-Motor 2 (front axle): 215 hp (160 kW)

* 483 hp (360 kW) 10 sec. Boost Mode

DRIVE UNIT: 1 x Mobis Motor Gear Drive Unit single (1) speed gear reduction drive per E-Motor


    • battery – standard range: 288 Lithium Ion Polymer cells, 523V, 180 amp hr, 58 kWh
    • battery – extended range: 376 Lithium Ion Polymer cells, 697V, 180 amp hr, 77.4 kWh
      • heat pump battery conditioner
      • Native navigation optimized regenerative charging


    • 10.9 kW SAE J1772 (AC, Levels 1, 2)
    • 240 kW CCS Combo 2 (DC, Level 3)


    • Level 1 110V AC 6 ampere charge = 68 hours 95% charge (from 80% discharge)
    • Level 2 240V AC 48 ampere charge = 7.1 hours 95% charge
    • Level 3 480V 125A – 800V 200A DC charge
      • 50 kW = 1.6 hours to 80% charge
      • 100 kW = 45 minutes to 80% charge
      • 150 kW = 28 minutes to 80% charge
      • 240 kW = 18 minutes to 80% charge

WHAT (A) STYLING DIFFERENCE: Without the need for a long engine bay, the first direct to BEV Genesis crossover utility is considerably better aesthetically proportioned than the internal combustion powered GV70 and larger GV80, . The result is a boldly handsome yet sufficiently classic Sport Activity Coupe. The strong shouldered descending clam shell 2022 Genesis GV60 hood splits tandem segmented amber directionals as an outboard extension of the segmented LED headlights thus avoiding the separate tandem aft fender deals. With no need for the brand’s ICE model’s wide diamond upper grille instead an equally wide hexagonal dark lattice unit descends from the bumper cover and is outlined by ark lattice banding terminating in corner inboard canted boomerangs.

Bowtie Side: The stubby quality of both a tall beltline and tall greenhouse is offset by a striking upwards rising rear door upper frame to triangular darkened C pillar floating roof effect. In contrast with the darkened pillars a chrome character band traces the upper door frames and zigs at the C pillar descending to trace the liftgate glass.

2022 Genesis GV60 Performance AWD EV: Flared semi darkened wheel arches contrast with the Uyuni white tall beltline coke bottle fuselage issue sport to this utility wagon.

Exhaust Pipe Free Posterior: The liftgate itself is rather sloped with with the backlight terminating in a darkened “duck tail.”  Taillamps mimic the front in a tasteful laterally split arrangement wrapping around to the quarter panel with an Audi style flaring spanned by the brand’s elegant lettering in chrome. The lower liftgate descends to the bumper height terminating in a subtle inverted U crease, with but a slim, but inconvenient, hand well for the release actuator and lateral corner reflectors. The lower valance is split into a smooth upper graphite cladding panel hosting the center license plate mount and a darkened bottom embossed with lateral bands and corner back-up lamps.

2022 Genesis GV60 Performance AWD EV: Radically sloped liftgate is a familiar GV series trait

WHY: Chapter One direct to battery electric Genesis Creation = satisfyingly potent compact crossover ute.

WHEN: On-Sale (in the U.S.) since Spring 2022

WHERE: Genesis new vehicle dealers* (* within 15 select U.S. States, as of late March 2023)

WHERE MADE: Hwasung, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea

WHERE TO: Drive mode dependent front and rear axle independent dual motor torque distribution locks the EV6 GT-Line‘s all-wheel drive for smooth launches whether on dry or slick pavement at 50:50%

HOW ROADWORTHY: Fitted with the most potent dual motor setup to date offered by Korea’s HKG trio the 2022 Genesis GV60 Performance delivers blistering acceleration. Once underway the driver soon forgets the multi-ton mass. Acclimation to the variable aggressiveness of regenerative slowing is a necessary first step. Learning to trust true single I Pedal driving, brings out the surgically smooth highly efficient driver in all. Tempting the brave there is digital analog to N Grin Shift” in petrol Hyundai N DCT products, is the guise of a round yellow “Boost Mode” button below the right steering wheel spoke. Consider it a test of either maximum visceral fortitude or battery charge depletion as the the left power dial in the instrument cluster displays a circular red band for all of ten seconds armed with a team of 483 shove you deep into the seat total horses.

For those whose mien is dictated by Jetsonian futurism there is a driver controlled e-Active Sound Design cabin audio synthesis ranging from orbiting vacuum noise, some low pitch electrical whir or worse yet a feeble internal combustion power thrumming. If anything one or the other will absolutely mask the taint of tire induced road noise and wind whistle from sail panel mount wing mirrors at speed.

    • Three (3) drive modes = Eco, Normal, Sport: the latter for testing occupant G-Force tolerance.
      • BOOST drive mode = 10 seconds @ +40 kW for a face wincing 483 total horsepower
    • Variable Regenerative Slowing: 3 levels, with 3 being most aggressive, accessible via steering wheel dorsal paddles
    • One pedal driving: “I-Pedal” about the easiest to master, very conscious about slight acceletor pedal movement.

Adequately filling the sport activity coupe’s spacious wheel arches are Michelin Primacy grand touring footwear on immense 21″ inch alloys. The low center of gravity resistance to body roll is obvious and steering has correspondingly more wind resistance than the volume brand relatives. Preview Electronic Control Suspension relied on forward camera + cloud navigation information to adjust damping for road pitch or surface irregularities and the system errs favoring compliance. A variable ratio electric steering rack dispatches meaningful heft but winds statically and transmits little road surface grip. The potent big brake fitment promises ample fade resistance, but the modulation between regenerative & binder slowing lacks subtlety.

2022 Genesis GV60 Performance AWD EV: nearly 5000 lbs are tautly sprung on 21″ wheels for a premium sport ride with formidable 4-piston front brake calipers.


  • 3 miles per kWh
  • 105 MPG-e electric equivalent to combined miles per gallon fuel economy
  • 230 highway miles range per 95% full battery charge

HOW IT CHARGES: Genesis Connected Services account (available on either Android or Apple IOS) syncs with an established Electrify America (“EA”) charging network account (w/ bank credit card for overage). Proprietary app accounts are required to access discounted rates on non- EA networks, else swipe a credit or debit card to pay higher on-the-spot pricing. Native GPS navigation lists dedicated public charging within vicinity; Native in-vehicle at-home charge scheduling with remote Genesis Connect smart phone app; Charge depletion level re-charge notification settings.

  • +1 Three (3) years complimentary 30 minute Electrify America DC station charging,
    • +/- Complimentary charging limited to 30 minutes per charge and 60 minutes wait between successive complimentary charge.
  • -1 Genesis Charge Pass lacks true real time charging station information than third party (such as is available via PlugShare application).


2022 Genesis GV60 Performance AWD EV: charging session at Electrify America 150 kW dispenser, Glenview, Illinois
    • Primarily connected to Electrify America DC CCS charging network in metropolitan Chicago
    • DC Electrical charge cost = ($0.41 / kWh on location payment)
    • Peak (observed) charging speeds from 150 / 350 kW CCS-2 DC chargers:
    • 76 kW @ 73% charge – 71°F
    • 76 kW @ 89% charge
    • 47 kW beyond 91% charge

HOW BIG/ LITTLE: 5 Occupant 2+3 seating. Front buckets come across as narrow and a sloping roof shaves rear confine scalp space. Entirely flat 2nd Row floor

2022 Genesis GV60 Performance AWD EV: 60/40% split reclining 2nd Row seats

– For 2022 Genesis GV60 Performance Comparison’s Sake:

HOW USEFUL: Hatchback cargo bay; 60/40% split folding 2nd Row seat backs, with cargo bay cable releases; Row 2 110 VAC V2L capable outlet; Variable height power liftgate w/ proximity activation; Liftgate affixed cargo bay privacy shade; Carpeted hard cargo floor; Sub cargo floor management & home 110V charging cable; Cargo-area 12V outlet; Row 1 center floating console + lower center stack storage, power supply;   Sliding tray glove box w/ management; Deep center console bin with aft hinged lid; Under-hood motor bay covered bin = “Frunk

2022 Genesis GV60 Performance AWD EV: expanded cargo bay
  • +1 Vehicle to Load (V2L) 1900 Watts available through 110V AC outlet at base of 2nd Row seats or via external charging port
    • Continues outbound feed for 36 hours
    • 1.1 kW supply to another vehicle = 110V charger
  • +1 Non-intruding cargo area wheel arch for good cargo width; Low load liftover; Floating center console with floor storage tray.
  • 1 Detached hinged armrest above center console bin makes difficult access; Cargo bay not very tall; High load liftover; No bumper protecting load sill; No cargo bay remote 2nd Row seatback releases; Unlined glove box, w/o lid lock; No over
  • -1 Shallow front trunk or “Frunk

HOW SAFE: 2022 IIHS = Top Safety Pick Plus status

STANDARD: 7 airbags; Rear camera w/ predictive grid; Audible rear park assist; Roll mitigation; Genesis Connect restrictive access & geo-fencing; Auto high beam LED headlamps; Rear occupant alert + sensor + mobile device app notification; Traffic street side driver’s door alert + 2nd Row door lock-in; Rain sensing interval windshield wipers

2022 Genesis GV60 Performance AWD EV: brief hands free highway driving w/ colorful augmented HUD and 12.3″ TFT gauge cluster w/ blind view monitor

– INCLUDED ADAS: Blind Spot & Rear cross traffic warning + avoidance braking; Post collision S.O.S. alert; Lane Departure Warning & Steer Prevention; Forward collision, pedestrian detection warning w/ avoidance braking; Intersection left turn oncoming traffic avoidance braking; full Adaptive Cruise control, curve speed control, w/ lead vehicle lane follow notice; Sonar fore & aft park collision warning w/ avoidance auto-braking.

– AVAILABLE ADAS: (included in tester)

2022 Genesis GV60 Performance AWD EV: ADAS settings + surround camera & sonar park assist
    • Surround View camera w/ sonar proximity warning
    • Heads Up Display – w/ dimension Augmented Reality depth (HUD)

HOW PEOPLE FRIENDLY: Of late Genesis has become expert at cabins suited to cosseting travel. No panel seam is overlooked for fit, apertures swing with suave, switchgear bears Swiss jewel precision in movement and finish is in the top 10% percentile. Above waist every panel suitable for soft materials is and most all else is aluminum, carbon fiber and glass. Breaking with Genesis “Electrifieds,” the 2022 GV60 boasts the E-GMP family’s gently curved dual contiguous screen all glass cockpit. Overall, little in the way of sporty lavishness or colorful informativeness has been spared.

2022 Genesis GV60 Performance AWD EV: gold on torrent blue cabin panel finish = classy

ICE Non-traditional, EV Conventional: Power ejecting, retracting hoop shape door handles; Floating center console; Center console knurled aluminum rotary drive position twist knob.

Nappa leather seating – heated & cooled Row 1; Wide berth, sport auto bolster adjusting, front bucket seats; 12-way power front seats, w/ 3-setting driver memory; Push button start; Heated leather tilt + telescoping steering wheel with aluminum spoke integrated MFI display & driver assist controls; Automatic 2-zone climate control; 2nd Row B-pillar climate vents; 2nd Row heated outboard seats; 2nd Row door manual sunshades; Overhead console retracting sunglasses bin; Power folding side mirrors.

2022 Genesis GV60 Performance AWD EV: leather & suede heated & cooled 12-way power front seats +posture correction adjust & driver massage

Cool Gizmo(s) Augmented reality 3-D Heads Up Display; 12.3″ drive mode variable TFT instrument cluster w/ navigation map; Genesis Connect knurled aluminum rotary remote media commander, w/ opaque top finger trace script entry pad;  Tinted panoramic moonroof, front power open & venting, w/ microsuede power barn door shade; Variable color foot well, center console & door panel ambient lighting; Posture Care orthopaedic front seat optimization + driver’s Ergo Motion seat power massaging

2022 Genesis GV60 Performance AWD EV: auto front seat bolster firming, driver’s seat posture correction & massage

Cabin A.I.: ♦ exterior, driver’s door B-pillar Facial Connect near-infrared recognition keyless access adjusts driver comfort settings; ♦ biometric Fingerprint Authorization driving access, center cabin console;

Spherical Geometry: illuminated center console Crystal Sphere, inverting to rotary knurled aluminum knob drive Shift By Wire controller; door release handle power mirror housings;

2022 Genesis GV60 Performance AWD EV: an array of hues projects through motorized inverting Crystal Sphere rotary drive position selector.

Details Done Right: sustainable vegan leatherette; recycled cabin plastics; Aquamarine blue leather seating and leatherette dash door, center console panels w/ tandem yellow contrast stitching;  Turned aluminum dashboard appliques; Brushed aluminum switchgear + vent registers & levers; Aluminum knurled barrel center console audio controls; Segmented mid dashboard accent printing; Aluminum capped pedals; Microsuede cabin pillars, headliner;

Cabin Sustainability: ♦ Vegan leatherette for door & dashboard panels; ♦ Fabric yarns from recycled Polyethylene (PET) bottles + fishnets.

Nearly Non-Descript: -1 Sharp unfinished edge cabin plastics, Door, steering spoke switches and stalks lack tactile distinction and precision action feel; Coarse grain below waist-height, pillar, aft cabin wall plastic cabin trim & omission of center console knee padding; seats low on lateral torso support. Cheap dark plastic Bang & Olufsen sail panel speaker housings.

HOW “APP” -LICABLE: Genesis Connect center dash top pod mount 12.3″-inch landscape oriented, capacitive touch LCD infotainment screen; Bluetooth & voice command hands-free communications; GPS HDD OTA Navigation w/ 3-D map, voice guidance w/ connected weather at destination app; SMS messaging + pre-defined replies; Android Auto / Apple Car Play smart phone projection; Genesis Connect Apps mobile device app vehicle and services remote control; USB-A x 2, USB-C x 2, 110 VAC (Row2, includes V2L), 12V x 2 (incl., cargo);

Dueling Big Screens: The curved, all-glass dual 12.3″ inch landscape oriented Integrated Cockpit TFT instrument and LCD infotainment displays borrow on the rest of the E-GMP family. The driver’s side offers three visualizations, including redundant map and lane traffic displays, per either dual dials or visual field modes. Seamlessly to the right is the 12.3″ Genesis Connect 80:20 split media display. In an effort to please most of mankind, there can be either screen swiping to touch AND remote center console knurled knob commands. Menus are standard Genesis fare, implying intuitive outline form, with the addition of EV status, data and charge plotting.

2022 Genesis GV60 Performance AWD EV: dual curved LCD 12.3″ instrument & touch / remote scrolled media displays & elliptical housings dominate cockpit

♦ Audibly: 17-speaker, 1400 watt, 14 channel DTS 5.1 Bang & Olufsen Beosonic audio reproduces distortion free depth, Active road noise control;

    • +1 Extensive Genesis Connect voice commands for climate, audio, and navigation inputs; User’s manual with quick operation & pictograms
    • “Last Mile” pedestrian walking destinations from between 0.1 and 1.2 miles distance
    • -1 Bang & Olufsen Beosonic tone control = funky circular quadrant graph rather than traditional equalizer
2022 Genesis GV60 Performance AWD EV: Android Auto & Apple CarPlay phone projection requires USB tether

♦ By Subscription: Sirius XM (90 days included); Wi-Fi hot spot (by Verizon Wireless);

Genesis Connected Services (3 years included): Digital Key 2 phone app; Remote parking extraction, insertion; Calendar Sync; Google Assitant capable

HOW MUCH: $69,560 = as tested 2022 Genesis GV60 Performance AWD suggested retail price. Final assembly outside the U.S. = INELIGIBILITY for the Clean Vehicle federal tax Credit per Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 amendment, effective August 17, 2022, (though eligibility remains for state by state purchase rebates).

WHAT’S MISSING: Lighter weight; Real time power + regeneration flow display w/ battery discharge rate; Rear backlight wiper; Wider national sales & service distribution & actual Genesis showrooms.

ANY COMPETITION: Audi E-Tron S Sportback: +1 better grouped switchgear, family resemblance; Polestar 2 Dual Motor Performance: +1 Öhlins™ adjustable dampers; Simpler UI menus w/ enhanced Android Automotive;  Volvo C40 Recharge Twin: +1 simpler graphics, Android Automotive infotainment

FINAL WORD: Korean performance prestige recited in the same breath as battery electric compact SAV.

Contributing Editor: T. Paluch

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