2024 Genesis G70 2.5T AWD - Re-Driven Review

2024 Genesis G70 2.5T AWD - Re-Driven Review
2024 Genesis G70 2.5T Sport Prestige AWD: ascending the pulpit to deliver sermon on luxury compact sport sedan.

FOUR POT PRESTIGE PERFORMANCE:  Roadblazing.com editors have a hunch that a majority of luxury car owners & lessors wheeling along roads these days aren't aware of what precisely lies beneath their bonnets. The recent disassociation of numerical model designations from corresponding petrol engine size among Teutonic and Japanese prestige brands hasn't helped in current powerplant size knowledge. Consider the latest Mercedes Benz AMG SL43 roadster. Indeed it carries a 375 horsepower version of the hand assembled M139 turbo-four beast under-hood.

Upstart Korean prestige automaker Genesis presciently never associated model designation with powerplant size, in anticipation of an idle emissions stricter and electrified future. Continued advances in turbocharging imply that, at the Biblical Brand, eight cylinders have already conceded to six cylinders, which will soon be overtaken by four bangers.

At its 2020 inception, the entry longitudinal layout rear / all-wheel drive G70 compact sport sedan already had been offered with a turbocharged straight four mill as a price leader complementing the truly muscular turbocharged 3300 cc straight six saloon. Roadblazing.com wondered if the extra 500 cc developing over 300 horsepower in the 2024 Genesis G70 2.5T AWD renders its greater pistoned sibling superfluous.

2024 Genesis G70 2.5T Sport Prestige AWD performance specifications

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP): $48,995 (starts at $42,695 for 2.5T rear drive)

Curb Weight (pounds): 3920 lbs.

Powertrain - petrol: 2.5L DI twin-scroll turbo 16V DOHC I-4

Drivetrain / Final drive ratio: 8 Speed, torque converter planetary automatic, transmission, open rear differential, (opt. viscous clutch center differential all-wheel drive) / 3.73:1

Horsepower petrol / Torque (pound - feet): 300 hp / 311 lb.-ft @ 1600 rpm

Fuel Economy - miles per gallon combined EPA / Range (maximum): 24 mpg (observed), 445 miles (15.9) gallons

Performance: 0-60 mph: 5.5 seconds; Top speed: 150 mph

2024 Genesis G70 2.5T Sport Prestige AWD engine
2024 Genesis G70 2.5T Sport Prestige AWD: could potent turbo direct injection 4 cylinder render bent six superfluous?

2024 Genesis G70 2.5T AWD driving hits:

New 500 cc larger turbo petrol inline-4 renders turbo V-6 almost superfluous

Still some turbo lag on take-off

A slushbox which can rip off snappy shifts

Fuel economy doesn't suffer for the greater power

Impressively tight assembly

Fully independent suspension damps rapidly with some stiff springing

Sport all season tires dig into corners

Rapid steering response

Standard mono-bloc big brakes all around

2024 Genesis G70 2.5T Sport Prestige AWD wheels
2024 Genesis G70 2.5 Sport Prestige AWD: standard Brembo big brake kit

2024 Genesis G70 2.5T AWD chassis specs

Suspension: F: Strut, lower A-Arm, R: 5-link, F+R: coil springs, sway bars, variable rate e-dampers

Brakes: F: 4-piston fixed caliper, 13.8" in. 2-piece vented rotor, R: 2-piston fixed caliper, 13.4" in. 2-piece vented rotor (*Brembo calipers)

Tires, Wheels: Michelin Super Sport F: 225/35Y, R: 255/35Y, 19.0" alloy wheels

2024 Genesis G70 2.5T AWD driving misses:

Some turbo lag off the line

Highway tramlining

Engine sounds muted

Choppy ride on less than smooth roadway

Steering over-weighted and numb

2024 Genesis G70 2.5T AWD dimensions

Wheelbase: 111.6" inches

L x W x H: 184.4" x 72.8" x 55.1"

Ground clearance: 5.1" inches

Headroom, Rows 1, 2: 39.7" inches, 36.9" inches

Legroom, Rows 1, 2: 42.6" inches, 34.8" inches

Cargo Capacity: 10.5 cubic feet

Curb Weight: 3920 pounds

2022 Genesis G70 3.3T – Re-Driven Diamond in Rear Drive | RoadBlazing
2022 Genesis G70 3.3T Sport: New diamond motif exterior and cabin technology tweaks enhance prestige for gutsy performance compact sport sedan.

2024 Genesis G70 2.5T AWD notables, inside & out

2024 Genesis G70 2.5 Sport Prestige AWD exterior
2024 Genesis G70 2.5 Sport Prestige AWD: trunk lid integrated duck bill spoiler

The Look: The traditional sensuous shape sport sedan lives on in the G70, given the long hood fastback proportions, coupe-like roof line, subtly flared hips and prominent duckbill trunk lid. Lower diamond pavilon shaping defines the deep grille and trunk aperture, while the brand's tandem lateral character lighting is in the headlamp & taillamps clusters. Piano black inserts and door window pillars are all that interrupt pervasive chrome-less body coloring.

Fit & Finish: Matte simulated metallic door card, dash front accenting and switch housing balance against dark padded cabin panels and seating spiffed up by yards of tandem red stitching. All barrel or knob controls are texture knurled for precision action. Headliner & pillar webbing is fine and hard plastic pebbling is refined. Tight panel seams, soft action lids and solid closing apertures exude a crafted prestige sensation.

2024 Genesis G70 2.5T Sport Prestige AWD
2024 Genesis G70 2.5T Sport Prestige AWD: driver entry

Standard Feature Set (includes): Keyless entry + remote ignition; Full express power windows x 4; Power trunk, approach activated, Leatherette sport seating, 1st row heated, 12-way driver power, 6-way power pax seat.

Infotainment Technology (includes): 8.0" inch TFT twin analog instrument cluster; 10.25" inch middle upper dash touch LCD infotainment display; GPS cloud navigation + guidance, voice commands; Bluetooth + SMS handsfree; USB-A x 1 + USB-C x 3 (2 x 2nd Row); 6-speaker + 6 channel 240 W audio; Android Auto, Apple CarPlay phone projection; Genesis Connected Services telematics

2024 Genesis G70 2.5T Sport Prestige AWD technology
2024 Genesis G70 2.5T Sport Prestige AWD: communications & entertainment technology

SAFETY & standard driver assist tech: 10 supplemental restraint airbags; Rear camera + predictive grid; Automatic high beam headlamps, Full LED lighting, front steering adaptive

  • Driver Asssist Tech (STD.): Front collision + pedestrian avoidance braking; Highway driving assist; Lane departure warning + keep assist; Full adaptive cruise control + navigation speed limit; Blind spot warning, rear cross traffic alert + collision avoidance braking; Driver attention warning
  • AVAILABLE = Perimeter parking sensors + braking;

Warranty: 5 year / 60,000 mile bumper to bumper, 10 year / 100,000 mile powertrain (reduced by half upon resale)

WHAT the 2024 Genesis G70 2.5T AWD HAS NOT (or NOT PREFERRED):

2024 Genesis G70 2.5T Sport Prestige AWD seats
2024 Genesis G70 2.5T Sport Prestige AWD: tight 2nd Row

Low seat + low roof line creates ingress / egress challenges

Rear seat legroom on the sparse side for the segment, suitable only for two of slighter stature

Phone projection remains wired type

Last generation Genesis Connected infotainment display

STANDOUT FEATURES on 2024 Genesis G70 2.5T Sport Prestige AWD:

  • Moonroof + 1st Row acoustic glass
  • Rain sensing windshield wipers
  • Premium 15 speaker, 660 watt, 11-channel Lexicon audio system
  • Leather seating, heated + cooled (1st Row)
  • Power steering wheel adjust, comfort entry, integrated settings memory
  • Power folding wing mirrors + Genesis winged logo puddle lighting broadcast
  • Aluminum pedal covers
  • Qi inductive charging pad
The Biblical future of entry luxury sport compact sedans tilts in favor of healthier four pot power.