2024 Hyundai Santa Fe Calligraphy AWD - Bottom Line Review

2024 Hyundai Santa Fe Calligraphy AWD - Bottom Line Review
2024 Hyundai Santa Fe 2.5T Calligraphy AWD: re-think of three row SUV livability signed in cubist cursive.

ARTFULLY SIGNED LIVABILITY  = Symbolizing its Pueblan indigenous heritage the capital city of this Republic's 47th State flies the red on yellow Zia sun flag to denote tranquility and the four winds of the stages in life.

America's oldest continually inhabited state capital, through its high plateau setting, open space favoring planning, and retention of the indigenous architecture and favorable climate has repeatedly earned a reputation for (eng.) "The suitability for living in measured in habitability and comfort."

For more than two decades Korean This year brings a daring re-set of their three row family SUV, extolling a new cubist cursive livability signature. The 2024 Santa Fe brings new game to the family hauler set, while continuing to bear the New Mexico capital's name.

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WHAT: All new 2024 Hyundai Santa Fe Calligraphy 2.5T AWD full-size 3-row family crossover utility vehicle. The all new Santa Fe succeeds the 4th series TM Santa Fe series offered exclusively with two rows, marking the first return to a three row cabin since the DT 3rd generation Santa Fe Limited. Designated MX5, the fifth generation Hyundai Santa Fe shares its foundations with the MQ4 series Kia Sorento.

2024 Hyundai Santa Fe 2.5T Calligraphy AWD performance specifications:

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP): $50,695 = as tested 2024 Hyundai Santa Fe Calligraphy 2.5T AWD ($35,345 SE 2.5T Front wheel drive)

Curb Weight (pounds): 4,486 lbs.

Powertrain - petrol: transverse turbocharged 2.5L DI 16V DOHC I-4

Drivetrain / Final drive ratio: 8-speed automatic dual clutch 8-speed helical gear transaxle / 3.32:1; on demand all-wheel drive - 100:0%- to 50:50% F:R torque split

Horsepower petrol / Torque (pound - feet): 277 hp / 311 lb-ft @ 4000 r.p.m.

Drive Modes: (6) Comfort, Eco, Sport, Smart, Snow, Sand + Mud

Fuel Economy - EPA urban / highway / observed combined (miles per gallon): 20 / 28 / 23 m.p.g.

Range (maximum): 464 miles (14.5 gallons)

Performance: 0-60 miles/ hour = 5.2 seconds; Top speed = 130 m.p.h.

Manufacturer Provided Specifications @2024 Roadblazing.com

  • Idle Stop and Go
  • 5 Drive modes: Smart, Sport, Comfort, Eco Snow
  • Optional Drivetrain: PTU to viscous multi-clutch differential all-wheel drive

WHAT (A) STYLING DIFFERENCE: Unlike so much of the crossover SUV ilk, the 2024 Hyundai Santa Fe was drawn as a clean sheet with cutting edge cubism.

Distinctive Traits: Thin split upper dark lattice grille; Slim lateral valleys spill-over hood; √ New "H [for Hyundai] pattern" signature lighting; wept back white LED DRLs separated from bumper placed vertical headlamps; Flared semi octagon wheel arches; Floating roof created by darked D-pillar greenhouse banding; Twin valley roof spoiler frame follows lower into liftgate; Lower liftgate license plate area cinched; Inverted hockey stick taillamps face outboard, flowing into beltline crease; Lower rear fascia chrome bezel and reflectors align with taillamp array; Flared pentagonal twin chrome right side exhaust tips.

WHY: Activity parents making suitable extra space for their active kids' active friends.

WHEN: On-Sale (in the U.S.) since early 2024

WHERE: Hyundai new vehicle dealers

WHERE MADE: Montgomery, Alabama, U.S.A.

WHERE TO:   Snow and Mud + Sand traction modes are included, as is a locking center differential completing multi-terrain and all-weather capability. Just 7.0" inches ground clearance is a compromise made for easier tyke boarding.


The turbo 2.5L gas I-4 tested in the 2024 Hyundai Santa Fe Calligraphy AWD connects to a version of the 8-speed viscous dual-clutch helical transmission from the Kona N performance cute ute. Even without the more aggressive shift program of the latter, the gearbox swaps smartly, finding the right gear without wandering. Any clutch re- engagement lurching typical of lesser DCTs has been excised. The move to the steering column mount transmission selector, initiated by the Ioniq 5 EV, is an improvement over the preceding center console push-buttons, and steering wheel dorsal shift paddles are included.

The new Santa Fe's longer wheelbase permits greater impact energy dissipation. Thus, damping is taut for the segment, yet imparting suppleness without flinty reactions. On-demand shift of power to the rear will rule out rotation before understeering. Steering wind has picked up the pace slightly, but spells out little about what is transpiring under-foot. Amply sized brake rotors will set to scrubbing speed upon surpassing an initial pedal "numb zone."

2024 Hyundai Santa Fe 2.5T Calligraphy AWD chassis specifications:

Suspension: F: Strut, lower A-Arm, R: 4-link, F+R: coil springs, anti-sway bars, dampers

Brakes: F: 1-piston floating caliper, 12.8" in. vented rotor, R: 1-piston floating caliper, 12.8" in. solid rotor

Tires / Wheels: 245/45-V Pirelli Scorpion MS A/S M+S / 21" alloys, doughnut spare tire

Ground clearance: 7.0" inches

Approach / Departure / Breakover angles (degrees): 17.4o / 20.3o / 17.0o

Manufacturer Provided Specifications @2024 Roadblazing.com

HOW FAR: 23 combined miles per gallon observed fuel economy; 464 miles highway range.

HOW BIG/ LITTLE: The 2024 Hyundai Santa Fe constitutes a size up and extra row stretch from the two-row 4th generation. Mid size two-row SUVs have been overshadowed by large compacts such as Hyundai Tucson or fastback styled SAVs such as the VW Atlas Cross Sport. Certainly, the new Santa Fe does either four or five plus 2 in a pinch occupant duty rather well. But for greater third row spaciousness there is always 3.5" inch greater wheelbase of the Hyundai Palisade.

2020 Hyundai Palisade SEL AWD - Bottom Line Review
Vertical valley cliffs in the New World, uncommon to the Old World, were described as resembling defensive fences made of posts by explorers such as 16th century Italian, Giovanni Verrazzano. These “palisades” which take up residence anywhere from the lower Hudson River valley to California’s Sierra Madre range stand in

2024 Hyundai Santa Fe 2.5T Calligraphy AWD dimensions / Toyota Highlander

Wheelbase (inches): 110.8" / 113.0"

Length x Width x Height (inches): 190.2" x 74.8" x 67.7" / 195.3" x 72.2" x 57.5"

Ground clearance (inches): 7.0" / 5.3"

Headroom, Row 1, 2, 3 (inches): 40.2", 39.6", 37.7" / 37.4", 37.5"

Legroom, Row 1, 2, 3 (inches): 44.4", 42.3", 30.0" / 42.1", 40.3"

Cargo Capacity (cubic feet): 14.6 - 40.5 - 79.6 cu. ft. / 16.1 cu. ft.

Curb Weight (pounds): 4486 lbs. / 3704 lbs.

Towing rating, Roof support rating (pounds): 3500 lbs., 220 lbs. (dynamic) / 4343 lbs.

Manufacturer Provided Specifications @2024 Roadblazing.com

HOW USEFUL: Low load floor floor bumper cover chrome scuff plate; Dual upper & lower glove box split by shelf; Power pitch adjusting & flat folding 2nd Row Captain's chairs; Fold & slide 2nd Row access to 3rd Row; Strap operated 50:50% split flat folding 3rd Row seatbacks; Available cargo bay privacy shade; Tow Rating: 3500 lbs.

  • +1: Wide front seat cushions; Outward visibility from low cowl, narrow front & side pillars, tall tailgate window; Front & 2nd Row door pockets, 3rd Row wall storage
  • Hands-free, dual speed power liftgate; Exterior C-Pillar recessed grab handle to load / unload roof rack

HOW SAFE IIHS Top Safety Pick Plus* ; √ 9 airbags; Rear camera + predictive backing grid; Forward & rear sonar park assist; Automatic high beam headlamps; Approaching side traffic 2nd Row door lock-in with daylight bicycle recognition.

  • Advanced Driver Assistance: Blind Spot Warning (available); Forward collision & pedestrian avoidance braking; Full adaptive cruise control; Lane departure warning, keep assist, trace; Rear Cross Traffic Alert
  • Available (included in tested Santa Fe Calligraphy trim): 360o surround camera + park distance warning + perimeter scan; Traffic sign detection; Blind Spot collision avoidance; Highway Driving Assist 2 guided lane changing; Forward & reverse remote vehicle parking extraction; Sonar based 2nd Row occupant minder which notifies in cabin & by smart phone application.

HOW PEOPLE FRIENDLY:  All 2024 Hyundai models have embraced the contiguous panoramic display panels commenced in their battery electric Ioniq. The new Santa Fe concave curved, wide "uni-panel" cuts down switchgear, offers improved systems monitoring, and looks the streamlined 21st century part. versions share common task reduction layouts. The slimmer depth dashboard face offers improved outward visibility. Climate ducts are cleverly spaced out within the triple tandem lateral metallic banding. A steering wheel stalk twist action transmission shift selector is more intuitive push buttons, while liberating center console space for two wireless device inductive charging pads.

Simulated repurposed wood grain and matte metallic metallic appliques emulate haute decor. Organically shaped buttons in cabin matching color, knurled aluminum switch tips, smooth action cabin apertures, impressive panel pebbling and seam fit all deserve prestige recognition.

The "H" for Hyundai easter egg accenting has seeped into the cabin in the vertical steering wheel spokes, dash banding, seat faces, first row seat back hooks and liftgate panel. Four lateral dots on the steering wheel boss spell out the letter "H"...in Morse code.

Contrast stitched, perforated, Nappa leather seating, front & 2nd Row heated; Heated & cooled power front bucket seats: Driver's 12-way w/ 2-position memory, front passenger 8-way;  4 power windows = front x full express; Heated tilt & telescoping, cross-stitched leather wrapped steering wheel; Dual analog dial gauges Fore center console twin dial and button 3-zone automatic climate switchgear; 3rd Row climate airflow volume; Row 2 door manual sunshades; +1 Lower left lower dashboard dimmer & driver assist controls;

  • +1 Wind & road noise isolation.

Cool Gizmo(s): 12.3" inch ultra-wide landscape, slightly concave, LCD digital instrument panel (contiguous to media screen); Twist steering wheel column stalk transmission selector; Remote park assist insertion + extraction; Twin blade style retracting 1st Row center console cup holders, converts to large parcel tray. Driver's Talk Row 3 broadcast; Row 3 audio muting

Details Done Right: Matte metallic + simulated open pore wood grain dashboard & door card accents; Fully padded and contrast stitched dashboard; Middle dashboard pebble graining; Metallic vent bezels; Knurled brushed metallic toggle integrated steering wheel spoke controls; Brushed metal mid-dashboard media switch buttons; Sueded headliner + upper cabin pillars

Nearly Non-Descript-1 Busy lower center stack audio + touch climate panel + infotainment shortcut controls reflects glare and displays fingerprint smear.

HOW CONNECTED: 12.3" inch ultra-wide landscape, slightly concave, capacitive touch LCD infotainment display (contiguous to instrument display); +1 Triple pane skin display, 80:20% split pane app displays, variable right pane; Voice learning hands-free communications; Native GPS cloud navigation w/ voice commands & guidance(SEL Convenience pkg. 2); 6-speaker, 240 W w/ streaming audio & HD radio; SMS w/ predefined replies; USB-A x 2, USB-C x 4, 12V x 2, 120 VAC(cargo bay)

  • Audibly Speaking: 12 speaker Bose Spatial Sound DSP streaming audio + HD radio emits distortion free near entry audiophile depth but will slight roll-off at either end of the spectrum.

HOW "APP" -LICABLE: wireless Android Auto & Apple Car Play application & navigation projection; BlueLink Apps;

  • By Subscription: Sirius XM & Sirius XM TravelLink (90 days included trial); Blue Link Connected telematics (3 years included); Wi-Fi 2 GB within 90 days trial by Verizon

HOW MUCH: $50,695 = 2024 Hyundai Santa Fe Calligraphy 2.5T AWD manufacturer's suggested retail price including destination fee (and $1000 Earthy Brass matte paint).

WHAT'S MISSING: Less busy center stack climate control cluster

ANY COMPETITION: Ford Explorer: +1 rear-drive platform, available ST performance model; Subaru Ascent+1 turbocharged flat-4 motor; Toyota Highlander: +1 Ride comfort, hybrid option

This granite chunky beaut will make the rest of the three row family ute world sit up take notice.

BOTTOM LINE: Satisfying beaut among rock formation full size family SUVs.

(Contributing Editors: Tomasz Paluch)