2020 Toyota 86 GT TRD - Re- Driven - Shift at Every Corner

2020 Toyota 86 GT TRD - Re- Driven - Shift at Every Corner
2020 Toyota 86 GT TRD: sport coupe comes standard with shift-it-yourself fun at every corner

DELVE INTO CORNERS WITH A SLICK STICK:  High school Geometry teaches that the shortest and quickest route from point A to B is a straight line. According to Pythagoras the straight road ought be the one more traveled. However, at Robert Frost's suggestion taking the road less traveled can make all the difference. That indirect curvy and kinked Road normally Not Taken is what the 2020 Toyota 86 GT TRD was made for.

2020 Toyota 86 GT TRD
2020 Toyota 86 GT TRD

Driving Hits:

  • Most powerful naturally aspirated horizontally opposed 4-cylinder 2+2 sold in America
  • Manual transmission models earn +5 horsepower, +5 lb-ft (205, 156) vs. automatics
  • Screaming 7600 rpm redline
2020 Toyota 86 GT TRD
2020 Toyota 86 GT TRD
  • Close ratio 6-speed manual transmission (6-speed automatic optional)
  • Accurate short throw shifter with light action
  • Linear low effort clutch with low release travel point
  • Torsen limited slip rear differential
  • 27 combined miles per gallon
  • 440+ miles fuel tank range
  • Fully independent front strut rear multilink suspension
  • New faster Sachs dampers and revised bushings reduces dive or plow (TRD manual)
  • Brembo F:R 4-piston / 2-piston fixed brake rotor calipers on F:R vented rotors (TRD manual)
2020 Toyota 86 GT TRD
2020 Toyota 86 GT TRD
  • F:R brake rotors = 12.8" ventilated / 12.4" ventilated
  • 18 light alloy wheels + Michelin Pilot Sport 4 all season performance tires (TRD manual)
  • Linear steering reaction
  • Belly pan, trunk lid aerodynamic wing (TRD manual)

Driving Misses:

  • The tach needle must strike 4000 rpm before genuine pull is sensed
  • Fuel cutoff bounce hard rev limiter at 7200 rpm on downshifts

What It Has Got:

  • Price: from $28,015 (incl. destination) for a 6-speed manual 2020 Toyota 86. 2020 Toyota 86 GT TRD as tested suggested retail price = $34,783
  • Attractive fastback look with ground effects
  • 2+2 seating
  • Wide trunk aperture
  • Folding rear seat back for trunk capacity expansion
  • Comfortable front sport bucket seats with shoulder bolsters
  • Front center sliding armrest (NEW for 2020 - $199)
2020 Toyota 86 GT TRD
2020 Toyota 86 GT TRD
  • Alcantara simulated suede seat inserts, door and dash pax side accents
2020 Toyota 86 GT TRD
2020 Toyota 86 GT TRD
  • 2-zone automatic climate control
  • Low cargo load floor handles taller items
  • New 7.0"-inch touch media display with Android Auto / Apple CarPlay projection
2020 Toyota 86 GT TRD
2020 Toyota 86 GT TRD
  • Above par standard feature set
    • Cruise control
    • Air conditioning
    • Bluetooth handsfree connectivity
    • Power windows full express x 2
    • Android Auto, AppleCar Play phone projection
    • Acceptable / good Insurance Institute for Highway Safety ratings
    • Rear camera w/ predictive grid embedded in rear view mirror
    • 5 years / 60k miles drivetrain, 3 years / 36k bumper to bumper, 2 years / 25k miles maintenance warranty

What It Has Not (or Not Preferred):

  • Dual bucket rear seat scalps heads, crushes knees, exist to make insurance happy
  • Lots of hard plastic cabin pieces
  • Extra sensitive automatic climate control knobs
  • Only 1 x USB-A in center stack and no adjacent wireless device tray
  • Nary any advanced driver assist features
  • Rear view camera display embedded in rear view mirror small and bright subject washed out
  • No trunk lid liner

Standout 2020 Toyota 86 GT TRD Feature(s):

  • TRD 6-speed manual package is a deal for the dough
  • Full big brake multi-piston caliper set-up
  • Michelin Pilot Sport 4 dry grip
  • TRD cat-back exhaust (optional) backpressure growl - $1100
  • TRD sway bars (optional) - $550

ROADBLAZING.COM's Summary: Better road compliance, improved dry grip, 21st century infotainment and decadent center armrest make this light and tight 2+2 sport coupe a delight on curved roads.

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