2023 Genesis Electrified G80 EV – Bottom Line Review

2023 Genesis Electrified G80 AWD: rare take on prestige battery electric executive = transformation of conventional. MSRP in Capri Blue = $82k

KOREAN PRESTIGE EXECUTIVE SMOOTHS ELECTRIC TRANSITION: Like Paul Bunyon, alongside his trusty ox Babe, swinging his mighty axe to fall the most solid oak, carmaker Genesis has been chipping away at the established prestige hierarchy. A re-birth of the the Korean luxury brand’s G80 sedan in 2021 further cemented its ascent among executive saloons in swaddling comfort, refined road manners and tasteful avant garde design while adhering to the paradigm of high value proposition.

Just one year into the Mk.3 Genesis G80’s run, comes a newly propelled variant. The new 2023 Genesis Electrified G80 AWD is intended to convince the marketplace that the marque is earnest about making the transition to full battery electrification more seamless than originally thought possible.

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WHAT: 2023 Genesis Electrified G80 AWD 3rd generation luxury executive sedan. It represents the first full battery electrification of a conventional design for the Genesis brand.

2023 Genesis Electrified G80 AWD: one of the dual synchronous pole induction motors sits under hood part of 365 HP, 516 lb-ft net awd punch

– ELECTRIC MOTORS: 360V synchronous AC traction & reverse polarity regenerative charging motor

(STANDARD): AWD E-Motors x 2 (Net): 365 bhp (272 kW) @3800 – 8000 rpm / 516 lb-ft @ 0-3600 rpm

E-Motor 1 (rear axle): 182 hp (136 kW), E-Motor 2 (front axle): 182 hp (136 kW)

– DRIVE UNIT: 2 = 1 x Mobis Motor Gear Drive Unit single (1) speed gear reduction drive per E-Motor


    • battery – extended range: 376 Lithium Ion Polymer cells, 697V, 180 amp hr, 87.2 kWh
      • heat pump battery conditioner
      • Native navigation optimized regenerative charging


    • 10.9 kW SAE J1772 (AC, Levels 1, 2)
    • 240 kW CCS Combo 2 (DC, Level 3)


    • Level 1 110V AC 6 ampere charge = 68 hours 95% charge (from 80% discharge)
    • Level 2 240V AC 48 ampere charge = 7.4 hours 95% charge
    • Level 3 480V 125A – 800V 200A DC charge
      • 50 kW = 1.6 hours to 80% charge
      • 100 kW = 45 minutes to 80% charge
      • 150 kW = 28 minutes to 80% charge
      • 240 kW = 18 minutes to 80% charge

WHAT (A) STYLING DIFFERENCE: In the effort to make the transition to battery electric driving “natural” few alterations have been made to Luc Donckerwolke’s fresh design of the G80. The silhouette involves dramatic featuring a long raked windscreen to front axle proportion. Fuselage character creasing pronounces a lithe quality. Flared hips are cinched at the trunk with a masterful duckbill spoiler for a convincing fastback effect. The nose is emphatic, with diamond shape grille, without amounting to absurdity. proportion nose emphatic without absurdity. “GENESIS” lettering fills the void between the upper taillights and a chrome brand wing spans the trunk lid upper edge. The license plate recess has been banished to the lower rear valance There are just enough polished chrome accents to signal the prestige class without going overboard. Eye catching raceway tandem lateral amber DRLs bisect headlamps, resume mid fender upon new simulated vents mark the brand’s design detail trademarks.

2023 Genesis Electrified G80 AWD: tandem fender & taillamp directionals remain but exhaust tailpipes are absent

Differences from the non-EV G80:

2023 Genesis Electrified G80 AWD: diamond boxed grille is filled with solid smoked lattice accenting
  • Smoked lattice pattern solid grille plate w/ integrated charge port door
  • No exhaust tail pipe ports
  • Turbine spoke wheels

WHY: Driving fully battery electric in conventionally elegant saloon package.

WHEN: On-Sale (in the U.S.) since late Winter 2022 – 2023

WHERE: Genesis new vehicle dealers

WHERE MADE: Ulsan, South Korea

HOW ROADWORTHYThe most recently tested G80 2.5T RWD was judged fleet and frugal…for a petrol powered saloon. This 50% heavier dual motor Genesis Electrified G80, however has the punch of the twin turbo V-6, with low effort and little fuss. While still sprung relatively soft, compared to a GV60 SAV, (though likely higher for the extra mass), body roll in hard cornering is better mitigated. The ingot structure shines, immune to any cowl shake, while the worst road to wheel impacts are pillow encased.

Slowing the Electrified G80, retains that long-ish pedal travel, nor is it notably more abrupt than in the G80 gas saloons. However, there are those twin steering wheel dorsal paddles for variable regenerative slowing and, ultimately, single pedal driving. When bored, flipping those paddles becomes an analog for paddle shifting a conventional multi-ratio transmission. Steering turn in is simply a quicker ratio and grippier tire away from Euro sport chasing. If the combustion powered Genesis G80 were not already so hushed Electrified G80 occupants wouldn’t be so impressed by the greater magnitude of utter placid.

    • Three (3) drive modes = Eco, Normal, Sport: the latter for testing occupant G-Force tolerance.
    • Variable Regenerative Slowing: 3 levels, with 3 being most aggressive, accessible via steering wheel dorsal paddles
    • One pedal driving: “I-Pedal” about the easiest to master.


2023 Genesis Electrified G80 AWD: electric range and consumption


  • 97 MPG-e electric equivalent to combined miles per gallon fuel economy, EPA rated
  • 2.9 miles per kWh, rated
  • 282 combined miles range per 100% full battery charge, rated


  • 81 MPG-e electric equivalent to combined miles per gallon fuel economy, observed
  • 2.4 miles per kWh , observed @ +30° F*
  • 220 combined miles range per 91% full battery charge*

* The reality of Cold Weather affecting real world battery electric Consumption & Range

HOW IT CHARGES: Genesis Connected Services account (available on either Android or Apple IOS) syncs with an established Electrify America (“EA”) charging network account (w/ bank credit card for overage). Proprietary app accounts are required to access discounted rates on non- EA networks, else swipe a credit or debit card to pay higher on-the-spot pricing. Native GPS navigation lists dedicated public charging within vicinity; Native in-vehicle at-home charge scheduling with remote Genesis Connect smart phone app; Charge depletion level re-charge notification settings.

2023 Genesis Electrified G80 AWD: juicing up at an EVgo 50 kW dispenser
  • +1 Three (3) years complimentary 30 minute Electrify America DC station charging,
    • +/- Complimentary charging limited to 30 minutes per charge and 60 minutes wait between successive complimentary charge.
  • -1 Genesis Charge Pass lacks true real time charging station information than third party (such as is available via PlugShare application).
2023 Genesis Electrified G80 AWD: public DC charging on the EVgo 50 kW network in suburban Chicago


    • Primarily connected to EVgo DC CCS charging network in metropolitan Chicago
    • DC Electrical charge cost = ($0.32 / kWh app payment)
    • Peak (observed) charging speeds from 150 / 350 kW CCS-2 DC chargers:
    • 48 kW @ 54% charge @ +30° F
    • 35 kW @ 91% charge
    • 54 minutes required to add 48 kWh

HOW BIG/ LITTLE: Saloon encroaching on flagship footprint, permitting for 2 + 2.5 large Americans to stretch out.

2023 Genesis Electrified G80 AWD: 2nd Row connectivity and trunk pass through

 By Comparison:

  • Wheelbase: 118.5″ inches = 1.4″ > BMW i5; 1.5″ < Lucid Air Pure
  • Row 2 Legroom: 38.5″ inches = 2.2″ > BMW i5; 2.1″ < Lucid Air Pure
  • Cargo space (trunk): 13.1 cubic feet = 7% < BMW i5; 18% < Lucid Air Pure

HOW USEFUL: 2nd Row trunk pass through; 2nd Row accessed front pax seat slide; Cargo tie-down net; Proximity power trunk lid open; Fold-down trunk shopping bag anchor; Over-sized front ceiling soft-hinged sunglass caddy; Locking large mouse-fur lined glove box; Center-stack covered smart phone bin; Deep, wide clamshell front center armrest bin; –1 Long hood impairs outward, thick seat headrests, wide side pillars & rear headrests impair outward visibility; -1 Narrow trunk aperture; -1 Manual trunk lid close; -1 Trunk space reduction for battery fitment is a compromise.

2023 Genesis Electrified G80 AWD: trunk space suffers in battery electrification of conventional sedans

HOW SAFE: IIHS Top Safety Pick Plus rating

STANDARD: 9 airbags; Rear camera w/ predictive grid; Audible rear park assist; Roll mitigation; Genesis Connect restrictive access & geo-fencing; Auto high beam LED headlamps; Rear occupant alert + sensor + mobile device app notification; Traffic street side driver’s door alert + 2nd Row door lock-in; Rain sensing interval windshield wipers

2023 Genesis Electrified G80 AWD: driving with full ADAS 2.0 suite

– INCLUDED ADAS: Blind Spot & Rear cross traffic warning + avoidance braking; Post collision S.O.S. alert; Lane Departure Warning & Steer Prevention; Forward collision, pedestrian detection warning w/ avoidance braking; Intersection left turn oncoming traffic avoidance braking; full Adaptive Cruise control, curve speed control, w/ lead vehicle lane follow notice; Sonar fore & aft park collision warning w/ avoidance auto-braking.

– AVAILABLE ADAS: (included in tester)

2023 Genesis Electrified G80 AWD: advanced driver assistance & blind spot, lane watch and surround park assist camera displays
    • Surround View camera w/ sonar proximity warning
    • Heads Up Display – w/ dimension Augmented Reality depth (HUD)

HOW PEOPLE FRIENDLY: Bespoke sanctuary is the distinct sense imparted upon being enveloped by the Electrified G80 cabin. Little space has been spared from rich stitched leathers, open pore woods and brushed stainless accents. Tucked seams betray fine, knurled barrel and rotary dial controls betray fine artisanship. The imaginative four spoke steering wheel depicts a yoke shape without the impracticality. There is an abundance of large crisp “conventional” displays with UI menus that define intuition. Yet the protruding rotary transmission selector, located just fore of the more recessed dial media display controller persists in perplexing.

2023 Genesis Electrified G80 AWD: tasteful mix of tan hides, open poor woods and aluminum welcome driver

Heated 12-way driver, front pax power seats, w/ 2-setting driver’s memory & sport mode auto bolster adjusting; 4 power windows w/ full up/ down express; 2nd Row privacy glass; Row 2 remote front pax seat pitch adjust; ELD twin analog gauge instrumentation; Power folding wing mirrors; Auto dimming rearview mirror + remote garage door control; Power backlight sunshade + manual 2nd Row door sunshades

+1 Electrified G80 instrumentation = benchmark for comprehensive energy consumption, range projection and charging information.

2023 Genesis Electrified G80 AWD: expansive, little expense spared cockpit focused on informed but relaxed driving

Cool Gizmo(s): Posture Care front seat articulations optimizer; Driver Ergo motion massaging seat;  Driver’s door Genesis winged logo front door puddle lamps; Variable color ambient LEDs; Augmented depth instrument cluster;

2023 Genesis Electrified G80 AWD: Posture Care seat adjustment + Ergo motion driver’s seat massage

Details Done Right: Quilted Napa leathers; Open pore wood trim; Microsuede headliner & pillars; Knurled aluminum switches & barrel controls; Stainless steel door sills & speaker grilles; Thick nap carpeting + floor mats; Tucked seam stitched upper dash, center console door panels & hinged ceiling pull handle seams; Leatherette covered front seat back pocket hard flaps.

Nearly Non-Descript: -1 Short seat cushions; Thin steering wheel leather.

HOW “APP” -LICABLE: 14.5″ 80:20 split pane touch LCD infotainment screen, driving landscape home screen; Rotary dial remote display control + script touch pad; Voice recognition command hands-free communications; PS HDD OTA Navigation w/ 3-D map, voice guidance w/ connected weather at destination app; Bluetooth communications + SMS messaging; Subscription based Sirius XM radio; Android Auto, Apple Carplay wired mobile phone projection; HD Radio Data traffic, fuel prices, weather radar; Connected Services, including remote start, via Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa

2023 Genesis Electrified G80 AWD: traditional twin dial instrument cluster supplemented by 14+” panoramic touch & remote knob controlled infotainment display

♦ Audibly: 21 speaker, w/ Kevlar cones, 1050 Watt, 14 channel DSP 7.1 DTS Lexicon streaming audiophile audio is a bit punchy down low, owing to twin 8.0″ subwoofers under the front seats, and slightly more brassy at higher frequencies than expected, but leaves little doubt that the audio outfitter stands with the best in soundstage fidelity and depth.

USB-A x 4, 12V x 2; 110V AC x 1;  Damped sliding covered center console bin w/ Qi inductive charging.

♦ By Subscription: Sirius XM (90 days included); Wi-Fi hot spot (by Verizon Wireless);

♦ Genesis Connected Services (3 years included): Digital Key 2 phone app; Remote parking extraction, insertion; Calendar Sync; Google Assitant capable; OTA updates

    • +1 Extensive Genesis Connect voice commands for climate, audio, and navigation inputs; User’s manual with quick operation & pictograms
    • “Last Mile” pedestrian walking destinations from between 0.1 and 1.2 miles distance
    • Remote parking assist unmanned fore / aft, insertion / extraction from parking space.
    • -1 Genesis insists on wired phone app projection despite standard inductive device charging
    • -1 No USB-C ports

HOW MUCH: $81,495 = as tested 2023 Genesis Electrified G80 AWD  (nearly twice the price of a G80 2.5T rear drive).  Final assembly outside the U.S. = INELIGIBILITY for the Clean Vehicle federal tax Credit per Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 amendment, effective August 17, 2022, (though eligibility remains for leasing & state by state purchase rebates).

WHAT’S MISSING: Better front seat torso support; More SMS messaging preset replies, More trunk space (or a large supplemental “frunk”)

ANY COMPETITION: BMW i5 (upcoming): rear drive only at comparable power rating; Lucid Air Pure: huge frunk, huge back seat, huge trunk, unconventional look.

FINAL WORD: Conventional prestige saloon package, stuffed full of battery electric propulsion, drives like dream but for a price.

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