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PaMu Quiet T10 noise cancelling wireless earphones: in their leather, metal and polycarbonate "pocket watch" style clamshell charging case

IT’S A NOISY WORLD: where ambient noise levels on a residential neighborhood street or inside the cabin of a modern airliner cruising in flight reach as high as 60  decibels (dB). Inside a quiet library where patrons are rule observant 40 decibels is to be expected.

DISTRACTION REMOVAL:  When more hushed conditions are preferred in those environments whether seeking contemplative rest or enjoyment of a noise free music or audiobook, the latest solution is the active noise cancelling (ANC) audio earbud or earphone. Active noise cancellation employs one or more tiny sensitive microphones which analyze the frequency (waves) of the mid to low frequency ambient noise and feature a tiny amplifier to generate sound waves that are out of phase with the noise waves. One cancels the other out. In theory the more microphones contained in the earbud, the more easily differing frequency noise from different sources can be “cancelled.”

AUDIBLE PEACE EVALUATED: in a quest for that extra quiet editors recently tried our Padmate’s latest in a line of affordable personal active noise cancelling audio components, the PaMu Quiet T10 Bluetooth earbud audio headphones.


PaMu Quiet T10 noise cancelling wireless earphones: What’s out of the box
  • PaMu Quiet T10 Bluetooth wireless earbud stereo headphones – 1 pr. Left and Right
  • Leather textured pocket-watch-styled flip-open dark matte finish USB-C earbud / fast charging case (available color: meteorite black)
  • USB-C to USB cable
  • Rubberized earbud sleeves – 3 sizes


PaMu Quiet T10 noise cancelling wireless earphones:
  • NOW $99.00 (normally $119 USD) + shipping, available at
  • Bluetooth version 5.0
  • Bluetooth transmission range: < 10 m
  • Frequency response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz, Sensitivity: 97 dB, Impedance: 16 Ohms
  • Earbud driver dimension: 10 mm PEN, titanium
  • Playback time: up to 3.5 hours, Talk time: up to 10.5 hours, Standby time: up to 60 hours
  • Charge time: < 20 minutes USB-C fast charging
  • Charge capacities: earbuds = 45 mAh, charging case: 500 mAh
  • IPX4 moisture / splash resistance
  • Three Knowles microphone active noise cancellation -40dB
  • Qualcomm QCC5124 APT-X and AMS 3460 noise cancellation microchips
  • Touch activation and control w/ phone call interruption
  • Microphone for Siri and phone calls
  • User manual w/ illustrative pictures
  • Weight: (each earbud) 5.1 grams;
  • Dimensions: (earbuds external) 37.1 x 26 x 21.6 mm LxWxH; (charging case): 83 x 72 x 32.7 mm


  • Connect leather “pocket watch” style clamshell charging case to 110 V AC wall outlet via USB-C to USB electronic device input or 2-3 amp USB AC plug (not included)
  • Depress top button  on”pocket watch” style clamshell charging case to open
  • Insert Left and Right PaMu Slide earbuds into corresponding marked charging wells
  • EZ magnetic docking
  • 4 Blue LEDs indicate percentage of charge – Solid blue LED = charge percentage complete
PaMu Quiet T10 noise cancelling wireless earphones: Charging case blue LED ring charge status indicator
PaMu Quiet T10 noise cancelling wireless earphones: opening the “pocket watch” clamshell charging case
  • Remove earbuds from “pocket watch” clamshell charging case
  • Activate Bluetooth on wireless source, then Search for Devices
  • Locate PaMu in Device list, then Connect
  • Insert PaMu earbuds into ears with microphone oriented lowest
  • Check for fit in outer ear canal – select another of the 3 supplied earbud sleeves for improved fit


PaMu Quiet T10 noise cancelling wireless earphones: Android / Apple iOS application for earphone control customization
  • Left or Right earphone (customizable via Android / Apple iOS device application)
    • One Click – Play / Pause, Answer phone call (in call mode)
    • Two Clicks – Decline phone call (in call mode)
  • Left earphone – Double Click for previous track
  • Right earphone – Double Click for track advance
  • Right earphone – Click and hold to activate / de-activate Noise Cancellation


Wireless Audio Source: Pixel 2 featuring Adapt Sound

Music Selections:

    • “The Nutcracker, Opus 71, Act 2: No. 14 Pas de Deaux ” – Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky – ebb, flow and crescendo of strings
    • “You’re the Inspiration” – Chicago – the echo of Peter Cetera’s alto tenor and David Fosters 3/4 time rhythm piano
    • “Gzie sa przyjaciele moi” – Yugopolis, Maciej Malenczuk  – castanets mix with Latin guitar boogie
    • “In the Air Tonight” – Phil Collins – echo effect on legato drumming and Collin’s voice evident


  • Spatial without forced presence
  • Modest volume
  • Distortion free
  • Plethora of bass, flat percussion
  • -1 Brassy horns
  • -1 Mid frequency vocal emphasis masks some highs


  • Simple Bluetooth pairing
  • Easy Unplug and Play use
  • -1 Slightly heavier than the PaMu Slide earbud predecessor
  • +/- Now on par size-wize with competition due to active noise cancellation
  • Good earbud sleeve fitments
  • -1 Earbud position adjustment accidentally triggers touch actions
  • Decent ear comfort duration: 30 minutes
  • Secure fit during jog at decent clip
  • Active noise cancellation meaningful improvement over passive



  • Value buy for $99.00 USD (now on sale from $119.00 for limited time)
  • Quite light
  • Attractive pebbled leather embossed charging case
  • Easy to secure in ear
  • Extended wear time comfort
  • Highly listenable audio playback
  • Active noise cancellation fairly effective
  • Active noise cancellation can be turned off from earphone
  • Android / Apple iOS application customizes individual earphone controls
  • Acceptably long playback time
  • Low quick charge time < 45 min. = full charge
  • IPX4 moisture resistance


  • Average playback and standby duration
  • Audio quality shy of more expensive competition, with exaggerated muddy bass
  • Earbud physical controls limited to on/off
  • Use of mobile device app tedious

Making a super holiday gift, Padmate PaMu Slide Bluetooth earbuds are available for sale at their website: now priced at a limited time promotional discount!!

****The manufacturer provided a courtesy sample of the product used in this review. makes no warranty representations other than those by the manufacturer.****

Contributing Editor: George Straton

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