Xiaomi 70mai Dash Cam Pro with GPS Module - Portable Driving Assist Tech Review, Video

Xiaomi 70mai Dash Cam Pro with GPS Module - Portable Driving Assist Tech Review, Video
Xiaomi 70mai Dash Cam Pro with GPS Module: value driven crisp display dash cam

Your next-door neighbors liked your ride you bought brand new 2 years ago so much that they bought one. Same model, with all the fixings from the heated and cooled seat and audio navigation system with jumbo touch infotainment screen. Identical Midnight Metallic Blue hue. The suggested price was only a few hundred more than yours.

The only difference was that the neighbor's otherwise identical new car came with Driver Assist Technology. Stuff like Forward Collision Warning and Lane Departure Warning which makes driving a whole lot less stressful and that much safer. It's a simplified version of autonomous driving 1.0. Just a few years ago you could only find such science fiction as part of expensive "Technology Packages" in luxury cars.

With a couple of year's of loan / lease payments remaining on the books and the brake pads just broken in, you aren't quite ready to trade your wheels in.

An affordable new automotive product from Xiaomi, offers the promise of just enough present Driver Assistance compliance to save your love affair for your vehicular pride and joy.

Roadblazing.com recently took the latest generation of "smart mobile dash cam" the Xiomi 70mai Smart Dash Cam Pro with GPS module out of the box, and fastened it to our windshield.

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The Xiaomi 70mai Dash Cam Pro with (optional) GPS module comprise a full-featured dash cam with lots with a credible spec and feature set. A Sony image sensor reproduces in Super High Defintion resolution. H.265 format permits up to 200% compression at without loss of quality.

A fast 1.8f lens with 140° degree field of view is good at capturing moving road action. Wide Dynamic Range capability varies exposure under changing light conditions.

70mai Dash Cam Pro Specifications:

Video Resolutions: 1920x1080, 2560x1440, 2592x1944 Super HD
Video Encoding: H.264, H.265
FOV: 140° degrees
WDR: Yes
Battery: 500mAh

70mai Dash Cam Pro Features:

  • Defogging algorithm: reduces degradation of recordings under foggy, rainy, or snowy conditions
  • Voice control commands: takes photos, records video, and activates WiFi
  • G-Sensor: activated upon collision, locks footage thus preventing overwriting of the file
  • Parking surveillance: activates to record parked collisions
  • Optional GPS add-on module features an Advanced Driver Assistant System (ADAS): Lane departure warning, Forward collision warning, and Forward vehicle acceleration indication.

+1 Built-in microphone is surprisingly good for a dash cam. A casual conversation between the driver and passenger is easily detected. Some outside noise is noted in the recording.

+2 WiFi software updating, footage downloading, and other app interactions are rather user friendly.

+3 Bright, high contrast display, with tactile control buttons.

+4 Voice commands

+5 Lane Departure, Forward Collision & Forward Vehicle Acceleration voice warnings.

-1 Advanced Driver Assistant System (ADAS) is only available with the optional GPS Module. (NOTE: The GPS Module will not record speed and route.)

-2 Despite super high resolution, while in motion it is difficult to read license plates on vehicles located 20 feet ahead.

-3 No battery indicator

-4 SD card insertion isn't easy. The tip of a pen or other thin pointy object is required.

Xiaomi 70mai Smart Dash Cam Pro

$54.99 = discounted price, including U.S. shipping.
$66.99 = with GPS Module
$85.92 = non-discounted price + $18.75 for GPS Module

ROADBLAZING.COM SAYS: "The cost of the GPS Module is a genuine bargain upgrade to any pre-driving autonomy equipped vehicle."

Interested in purchasing the Xiaomi 70mai Smart Dash Cam Pro at the promotional price?

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Field of View140°-150°

****The manufacturer provided a courtesy sample of the product used in this review. Roadblazing.com makes no warranty representations other than those by the manufacturer.****